Hispanic Employment Program Manager

HEPM’s: Functions & Duties

  • Assess the Center’s Hispanic employment situation and advise EOP Officer and management on matters affecting employment and advancement of Hispanics.
  • Develop statistical information necessary to assess employment trends and to evaluate progress of Hispanics.
  • Participate actively in the development and implementation of affirmative actions.
  • Establish and maintain contacts with Hispanic organizations to gain and share information regarding recruitment sources, training and self-development opportunities available, and local community problems which affect employment of this group.
  • Develop programs designed to increase opportunities for Hispanic employees to enhance their skills, to perform at their highest potential, and to advance according to their abilities and available opportunities.

As stated in LMI 3713.1Read more information about HEP background at hep-aspects.html

Or to view the list of all NASA HEP, visit http://oeop.larc.nasa.gov/hep/

Langley’s Hispanic Employee Program Manager:

  • Mr. Hawk (201x – presnt)
  • Ms. Venita Robinson (2002 – 2009)
  • Ms. Patsy Campbell (1996 – 2002)