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NASA Hispanic Astronauts


This site was created to focus on the 14 Hispanic men and women who have participated in the NASA Career Astronauts program and are members of the NASA astronaut corps. Their links have been compiled from NASA Johnson Space Center Astronauts web site and listed below to facilitate their quick reference.

We hope you enjoy reading their biographies and some of the included Spanish interviews.

You may also want to read the NASA Fact Sheet about Hispanic American Space Explorers (November 2003). Also don’t forget to visit the interesting links listed throughout this page or learn how you can one day become an astronaut too!

NASA Hispanic Astronauts
Joe Acaba - photo pending
Joseph M. Acaba

NASA Astronaut
Class 2004

Inglewood, California
[Sidney Gutierrez]
Serena Auñón, M.D

NASA Astronaut
Class 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana
[Ellen Ochoa]
Ellen Ochoa

NASA Astronaut
Class 1990
Los Angeles, California

NASA News Release: 03-207
Spanish interview (6/03)

[George Zamka]
George D. Zamka

NASA Astronaut (Pilot)
Class 1998
Jersey City, New Jersey

Greetings to YOU…Future Astronaut!

Former NASA Astronauts
(Retired / Deceased / Civilian)

[Frank Caldeiro]
Fernando (Frank) Caldeiro

Mission Specialist
Class 1996
Buenos Aires, Argentina
[Franklin Chang-Diaz]
Franklin R. Chang-Diaz

Retired NASA Astronaut
Class 1980
San Jos�, Costa Rica
[Sidney Gutierrez]
Sidney M. Gutierrez

Reitred NASA Astronaut
Class 1984
Albuquerque, New
Jose Hernandez - photo pending
Jose M. Hernandez

Former NASA Astronaut
Class 2004

French Camp, California

[March 14, 2016] Article

[Michael Lopez-Alegria]
Michael E. Lopez-Alegria

Mission Specialist
Class 1992
Madrid, Spain
Featured Spanish interview
[Christopher "Gus" Loria]
Christopher “Gus” Loria

NASA Astronaut
Class 1996
Belmont, Massachusetts
[Carlos L. Noriega]
Carlos L. Noriega

Mission Specialist
Class 1995
Lima, Peru
Featured Spanish interview
[John (Danny) Olivas]
John (Danny) Olivas

Former NASA Astronaut
Class 1998
N. Hollywood, California

Hispanic Astronauts Candidates
For complete list of ASCAN, visit
HEP Poster
Greetings to YOU…Future Astronaut!

Other Hispanic Astronauts from International Space Agencies
For complete list of Int’l Space Agencies, visit
[Pedro Duque]
Pedro Duque

International Astronaut (ESA)
Class 1996
Madrid, Spain
Featured Spanish interview
[Marco Pontes]
Marcos C. Pontes

International Astronaut
Class 1998
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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