Mentoring Employees to Realize Goals & Experiences (MERGE)

Lead: Cyrus Kosztowny

Co-leads: Parker Glass (Mission Support)

  Daniel Munden (Mission)




Our mission is to expand the mentoring partnerships and programs across the center in order to increase collaboration and knowledge transfer, provide information about career advancement and networking opportunities, and enhance engagement while fostering diversity for better situations and solutions in order to support the career success of all employees across NASA Langley Research Center and the Agency.


Expand Langley’s culture of mentoring to all employees for the enhancement of everyone’s work experience and to improve Langley’s contributions to the Agency.


Membership is open to all NASA Langley Research Center employees with an interest in supporting the matters of this organization.  Membership of the employee groups are comprised of NASA employees, including NASA contractors, NASA Pathways students, NASA interns and fellows, and retired employees. Membership must be all inclusive.


The leadership structure of the Mentoring ERG will consist of a chair and co-chair. Additional leadership roles will be added as necessary. Contractors and retirees may not hold ERG officer positions or represent the group in discussions with leadership. The ERG leadership shall also include an executive sponsor. New officers will be elected every two years.


  • Provide a network of experienced mentors who can help anyone on Center who seeks a mentor.
  • Provide an easily accessible database of mentors across the center with a breakdown by topic/expertise.
  • Provide information about opportunities to which folks otherwise wouldn’t have access.
  • Provide a means for learning from all levels of career experiences
  • Enhance leadership skills for all, not just those following a traditional supervisory path.
  • Support the career success of all employees.
  • Boost morale by providing access to resources pertaining to career advancement.
  • Engage in multidirectional mentoring partnerships.