Langley Emerging and Advancing Professionals (LEAP)

  • Kyle Ellis, LEAP  lead
  • Ben Galke, LEAP events lead
  • Caroline Montgomery, LEAP marketing lead
  • Blain Lege, LEAP membership lead

Contact Info: kyle.k.ellis@nasa.gov

Website: leap.larc.nasa.gov

About LEAP

The Langley Emerging and Advancing Professionals (LEAP) group aims to enhance Langley’s culture and success by fostering communication, collaboration, and innovation on center, across the agency, and across Hampton Roads. The group aspires to be a networking community with a unified voice that welcomes diverse perspectives and experiences while enhancing NASA’s continued relevance.

How does LEAP benefit Langley?

LEAP sparks employee engagement across NASA, providing opportunities for employees to learn about Langley, learn about other centers, what kind of work employees are doing and ways to get connected. The group is an avenue for senior leaders to learn about innovative ideas as well as some of the concerns and issues on the minds of the emerging and advancing professional community. The group also acts as an aid in the retention of talent, providing a network of engaged employees.

Who is eligible for LEAP?

LEAP is open to contractor and civil servant emerging and advancing professionals in the first half of their career. This may include those new to Langley, including entry level professionals and those who have already had a career prior to arriving at Langley, as well as employees, students and interns looking for professional development opportunities. LEAP welcomes anyone* who wants to find a community, get involved, learn about Langley and make a difference.

How is LEAP different from other professional groups?

Lessons learned from past employee resource groups at Langley, as well as emerging professionals groups across the agency, serve as a foundation for LEAP. Successful aspects of these groups helped LEAP identify what works, what doesn’t work so well and innovative solutions, some including a new leadership structure, collaborative projects, professional development opportunities, community building and networking events.

Take a giant LEAP

If you are interested in joining LEAP, send a blank email to leap-general-join@lists.nasa.gov. If you would like to learn more about the group, upcoming events, provide feedback and more, please visit http://leap.larc.nasa.gov*Contractors, students, and interns may attend the permission of their employing company, mentor and/or supervisor.